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account (new or used ones)with big
quantities across the world.

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Apple enterprise developer account recycling

Due to business needs, the company now needs to recycle a large number of idle Apple enterprise

Apple enterprise developer account rental

Because the company business needs, if you are not willing to sell your enterprise developer account, you can choose to rent it to us, cooperate sincerely, business is legal and reguler. , If you have an account, Please Kindly contact with us in time and get a good reward!

Apple developer account & individual developer account recycling

Because the company business needs, the company now needs to recycle a large number of idle Apple personal developer accounts and company developer accounts, cooperate sincerely, business is legal and reguler. , If you have an account, Please Kindly contact with us in time and get a good reward!

our cooperation can cover more than 200 countries and regions over the worldwide.
Our services cover exceed more than 100,000 mobile apps over worldwide
We have helped exceed more than 20,000 mobile entrepreneurs all the worldwide.

Enterprise developer account

Development of iOS memory management-combat articles

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How the App Store is ending the golden age of software

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iOS certificate description and release in-app purchase process

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Avoiding Common App Rejections

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iOS In-App Purchase Implementation and Test Check List

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Apple has finally listened to its small, but slowly growing user base in India

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Acquired Apple Enterprise Developer Account in Serbia

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Purchasing Enterprise developer account

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Looking for IOS Enterprise developer account

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American Apple Enterprise developer account

Hi everyone,we are looking for and need to purchase loads of Apple IOS Enterprise developer Accounts which include

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Company Business

Our company now provides lot of services such as app distribution, app beta, enterprise signature, super signature and application store submission, etc. We also most welcome you to contact us to discuss cooperation.

App internal distribution

$Free per month

One-click upload, easy to release! You only need to upload the app to the YouYi distribution platform. We will automatically generate the download link and QR code. The user can only scan the code one-click and install it Make internal easy and efficient!

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Enterprise signature ,

$600per month

After the APP is signed with the Enterprise certificate, Can be installed directly on the iOS system, free of jailbreak, unlimited installation, safe and stable.

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Super signature (App Sign)

$2.5per device

From its Self-owned core technology, safe and stable The application management adopted by YouYi is different from the traditional signature mechanism, and the probability of losing the signature is much lower than that of the traditional signature.

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Application submission

$10per start

Provide app pre-audit, App Store optimization, keyword optimization, Icon design, screenshot design, app store exquisite video production.

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F:What type of developer account do we need specifically?

Q:We only need one type of accounts, it's called Apple Enterprise developer account, when it is registered, it costs 299$, and the account type is: in-house.

F:Why We purchase it?

Q:We are a professional in-app Internal and distribution. The customers are mainly game customers, including the Giant Interactive Group Inc , Sanqi Play and other famous game companies are our customers.

F:Is there any risk in selling this account to us?

Q:We are internal and distributing apps for the game companies. The company has an audit team and does not have any legal or financial risks for the account to be sold.

F:Is the price we offer too low?

Q:We are a regular game company we do app internal and distribution. The company has an audit team and will not dock the risky app. For cost control, we will not give a high price to an illegal app. Before have heard that there is a problem with selling to pornographic apps.

F:How the transaction can be done?

Q:TeamViewer login and make screenshot to the account or video in time, the transaction prefer to be face to face , verify the number on the field, if there is no any problem we transfer the money at the same time , Change the password, etc., Confirm that there is an account for sale we'll provide trading services at any time.

F:What does the seller need to offer?

Q:Need to provide account , password, secret security, mobile phone number ready to get SMS, login device, email account, password (we don't need a enterprise email, we may need to login to view).

F:Why not registering by yourself or I am going to register now?

Q:Now Apple is very strict with this account card, basically no number, and we will not wait for a long time to issue the account. We need a large number of accounts to meet the existing business, so we need the registered number.

F:I won't to sell?

Q:There are two kinds of cases in the latter Apple policy. The first Apple policy has tightened. There are rumors that Apple will no longer provide renewal fees next year, so that you are also abandoned, it is better to change some money. The second Apple policy is released. So the price will drop to a very low level, even you can apply again if you are using it.what is there against it.

F:Now there is an apps are using, it is useless to sell it?

Q:Now the price is still quite impressive. Our company is doing signature distribution, can provide products, our professional team is more stable and better services.