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How to pay the annual fee for the Apple Developer account? What bank is supported?

  In this era of the Internet, modern Internet technology has brought great convenience. Anything can support online payment. For example, Taobao Shopping supports Alipay, and offline purchases can be paid by Alipay and WeChat. Then we must pay at the same time. To ensure the security of a fund, whether it is a secure network environment, it is best to choose the official website, or in the Internet cafe environment, it is best to use less online payment.

  Both the Apple Developer account and the Apple Enterprise Developer account are subject to annual fees. The annual fee for individuals and companies is $99, while the annual fee for corporate developer accounts is $299 because of the developer account. The authority is bigger, the account review is difficult, so the price is high.

   At present, the annual fee paid by the Apple developer account can only support the dual-currency credit card payment (visa/mastercard). If the dual-currency credit card is used, the dollar or the renminbi can be consumed. The credit card number is 4 or 5 at the beginning. Very convenient, such as the current China Merchants Bank, Bank of Communications can handle, and the amount is still relatively high, but also according to their own credit, generally this annual fee payment can be based on the tips on the page, fill in the credit card number and behind The security code can be paid in 3 digits.
The annual fee for Apple developers is the same every year. If the account is logged in 15 days before the expiration of the account, there will be a prompt. If the company account is not renewed at the expiration date, the application cannot be searched in the app store.   

   If you sign the application, you will not be able to open it, so be sure to pay attention to the time when the account expires in order to ensure the normal use and operation of your application.

If you have enterprise accounts, please contact me!

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