Significantly different and superb from traditional
enterprise signature mechanism in distribution and
in-house testing service for iOS App.We guarantee no
sign off and with highly stability.Looking forward to
corporate with u.


Mobile:0086 13882859652

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If you have enterprise accounts, please contact me!

Vous êtes bien,

Division I en raison des projets d'urgence maintenant, le besoin d'acheter des développeurs Apple compte un grand nombre d'entreprises.Toute organisation et tout particulier d 'entreprise,Si votre main de repos,On va les acheter à un prix exorbitant,Et j'espère que l'Agence peut trouver en France, le Service de coopération et de développement commun.




Durch das Projekt notfall,Der Apple - entwickler - konto der Unternehmen kaufen,Alle Unternehmen, Organisationen und einzelpersonen,,Wenn sie zur Hand haben, möchten WIR die ungenutzten konto kaufen.Und hoffen, dass eine Langfristige Zusammenarbeit.Danke.

Hi all,we need to purchase loads of Apple\Ios Enterprise Accounts from all over the world,no matter you are an indicidual or as an agent, if u are interested plz kindly contact us at any time.We are looking forward to establising a long lasting and corporative business relationship with you.Thanks.

How we work:

1.Document will be given Passport/Driving license which will be used to verify identity(optional)

2.Login information of email & apple(reqiured)

3.Account expiration:we prefer fresh but used is okay we can negotiate.

4.State of the account:both new or old would be fine.


Contact info:



If you have enterprise accounts, please contact me!
.buy apple enterprise developer process

Contact, communication
Verify account
Modify the encrypted,close the deal
We support instant messaging like "whatsapp", "facebook messenger", "line", "skype", etc. Please email me your account number, we will add you as a friend and communicate

Verify the authenticity of the account For payment, we support "palpay", "bank card", "western union express "and "bitcoin"'

We will modify the secret protection with your cooperation, and then close the transaction